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Autosync Downscan Video Signal Converter

Ampronix introduces the Scanmaxx autosync down-scan medical video signal converter for modalities. The Scanmaxx down-scan medical video signal converter is armed with a complete range of analog inputs (1- 5BNC, D-sub15) that are downscaled to an analog composite and S-video output. The Scanmaxx down-scan medical video signal converter autosyncs to any of your legacy analog grayscale or color video signal (resolutions from 525-1600 lines) and is the most versatile down-scan medical video signal converter available on the market.


General Features

Autosync & Downscaling Video Converter

Bullet 3 Analog signals converted to high resolution
Bullet 4 Accepts any signal from 525 to 1600 lines
Bullet 4 User-friendly OSD
Bullet 4 Low Power consumption

Video Input Information

Input Resolution 525 to 1600
Scanning Frequency (H) 15.7 - 90kH
(V) 50 - 120 Hz
Inputs 15-Pin D-Sub, 5 BNC
Accepts all configs from 1-5BNC with Loop through
Supports Analog Interlaced and Non-interlaced progress video
Termination Switch 75 ohm - On / Off
Remote Control RS232

Video Ouput Information

Video Signal Output Composite NTSC, PAL & S-Video

General Information

Power VAC 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz
Weight 3.20lbs
Dimensions W: 180mm x L: 298mm x H 60mm



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Scanmaxx CS2165MP



Scanmaxx CS2165MP
Scanmaxx CS2165MP